The Conscious Frock

Real Lives Matter

This is such a hard time for so many people, and I am trying to find my voice in it all. People are hurting, things are being exposed, and the reality of this racist world is on display to so many people who have thus far chosen to ignore it. There have been endless amounts…

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Take her dog

Looking over to the States, these have been a shocking few weeks for POCs, and, as always, black men in particular. It’s nothing isolated to these past few weeks though. Nearly 1000 people are shot dead by the police in the USA, with black people twice as likely to be shot than whites. Breonna Taylor,…

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Lana del Raycist?

Excuse the shocking pun in the title, but I couldn’t help it – it fits so well… I’m sure most people have heard about the Lana Del Ray ridiculousness by now, and I’m jealous of those that have managed to avoid it all during this difficult time. For those that haven’t, here is what she…

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