Hello! As the shrewd amongst you may have ascertained, I’m Shivaike and this website is just a collection of my work, paired with my general ramblings about fashion and diversity related things (with the odd random rant thrown in for good measure).

I graduated in English Literature from University College, Oxford in June 2019. In my time there, not only did I spend my life knee-deep in books, but I was involved with 25 plays, and three films. I worked primarily as a producer, costumiere, and makeup artist. Head over to the Portfolio page of my site to see a few of the things I’ve worked on in the past few years.

I started as a makeup artist back when I was 14, doing drag makeup for a friend. That lead to shows at (rather questionable) small shacks in the back of Soho, and I slowly worked my way to bigger shows, and eventually, to working in theatres like Shakespeare’s Globe. I have worked as a costumiere, working alongside companies like the RSC, learning to choose, sew, and upkeep gorgeous costumes for the stage and film.

Finally, I ended up as a producer, having produced numerous shows, most notably Medea, Oxford’s first all BAME production. I have also produced newly-written shows, and worked with more unique productions experimenting with movement to change the way theatre can come to life. I was also Vice President and Secretary of our college ball in 2018, which took over a year of hard (and often painful) work to bring together. Oh and yes, in admist all of this, I did the odd bit of academic work when time permitted…

So please enjoy the site, have a glance through my work, and join me in my ramblings. And hopefully I’ll convince you to ramble along with me!

Click through this website to find my Blog, Portfolio, information about my production company Khameleon, and to get in touch Contact.