Sometimes in life you just want to pop on that touch of concealer and a splash of foundation, maybe a pinch of blush and that dab of mascara… you want to feel your natural oats. But when you remember you’re not boring, you like to cut out an hour of time, turn on your favourite playlist, and get yourself working on a full beat like a queen. A full-coverage, plaster cast for that acne or blemishes or scars or redness, or whatever other wayward thing has decided to live rent-free on your face. And, unless you start charging and getting your coin, you best be covering them up with a beat for the gods. So here are some fantastic full-coverage foundation recommendations for when you’re looking to feel your like a beat queen!

(Some of these recommendations are quite niche and are more unique to makeup artists, but I have checked and all of them can be bought commercially too.)


MUD Cream Foundation
Price – £28 (but refills can be bought for half the price and put into a magnetic palette!)
Shades – 10 shades spanning quite the range of skin tones (not enough shades but they are intended for use by artists who will mix the shades to create a custom tone)
Claims of product – ‘sheer natural look to a flawless full-coverage finish’, ‘hold up beautifully under the most extreme conditions’, ‘ultra-smooth blending and application’
Website –

This is a fantastic cream foundation. It is very thick and at first can seem quite hard to work with, but when warmed up it really melts into the skin. I recommend using both a brush and beauty blender with this foundation, warming up and applying the product to the skin with a brush and then pressing it into the skin with a sponge. This product does work quite well with fine lines and wrinkles, but I would not recommend it for mature skin as it will settle. Equally it does crinkle under the eye, so do avoid the eye area when applying. Otherwise this offers a really beautiful almost porcelain finish to the skin so you look like a real (pussycat) doll.


Dermablend Corrective Fluid Foundation 16HR 
Price – £15
Shades – 10 shades with decent span of different skin tones, but they definitely need to formulate more
Claims of product – ‘high coverage long hold’, ‘natural flawless finish’, suitable for ‘
acne and blemishes, dark circles, rosacea, vitiligo, tattoos and scars’, ‘comfortable feel on the skin’, ‘SPF 35 sun protection’, ‘Non comedogenic, paraben free & hypoallergenic’
Website –

This foundation, as you can see, has a lot of claims. It certainly is high coverage, and is definitely suitable for the numerous skin concerns listed above. For acne-prone skin, the non-comedogenic is fantastic, as are the lack of chemicals and allergens. However, this foundation applied all over does not offer a natural finish, nor is it all that comfortable on the skin. That is not to say it looks cakey or that it is uncomfortable, but don’t be expecting a natural light-feeling foundation on your skin. This is a very intense coverage foundation and it does its job very well. Lisa Eldridge recommends this for spot concealing in her iconic video –

I would not necessarily recommend it for use all over the face unless there are extreme skin concerns, but it is fantastic for this particular technique and for offering a really flawless finish. Though of course don’t be fooled by the SPF – obviously that is not enough and you need actual SPF under the foundation.


EX1 Cosmetics Invisiwear Liquid Foundation
Price – £12.50
Shades – 20 shades, and it was specifically formulated for olive skin tones
Claims of product – ‘vegan’, ‘buildable coverage, from medium to full’, ‘micro match olive tones ranging from very fair to deep tan’
Website –

This is an amazing product I learnt about from Adele’s makeup artist himself, Michael Ashton. (Sorry I couldn’t help but name drop there…) This foundation has a beautiful finish, and is quite comfortable to wear. It is a liquid, but has almost a whipped feel to it, so it really beautifully melts into the skin. It can be equally well applied with a brush or a sponge, and covers pigmentation very well. It is also genuinely buildable, which a lot of foundations falsely claim to be, and can be built up in thin layers to achieve the desired coverage. Be careful with applying too many powders over it though as sometimes it does catch a bit… This really is a phenomenal foundation though.


Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation
Price – £27
Shades – 50 shades (the only foundation in this list with the appropriate amount of shades)
Claims of product – ‘instantly smooth, pore-diffused, shine-free finish’, ‘humidity resistant, sweatproof and won’t clog pores’, ‘light-as-air texture is undetectable on skin’
Website –

Of course this foundation appears on my list, but not just because I love that it is diverse. It is a great, medium to full coverage foundation. It does really smooth the skin, help to blur pores and it keeps the oil at bay. It sadly does not have a ‘light-as-air’ texture and is definitely detectable on the skin, and the only issue with the product is that if the skin is not properly primed, the foundation will cling to dry patches. However, they have come out with a hydrating version I am yet to try that may have fixed this problem for those with less oily skin. It is a stunning foundation that photographs wonderfully, and that really elevates and perfects the skin.


Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation 
Price – £30
Shades – 40 shades
Claims of product – ‘lightweight feel with a second skin result’, ‘blends effortlessly’
Website –

This old makeup artists favourite is just still great. Not only does it film and photograph beautifully, it does blend beautifully and effortlessly across so many different skin types. It does in my opinion work best with a primer (the MUF primers are great to pair with this product actually) but it can work alone. I think it needs to be built up and layered, because it doesn’t immediately become a second-skin. But when properly worked with, it sits beautifully on the skin. It can be buffed in with a brush, or applied with a moist beauty blender (I tend to prefer the latter).


These are some fantastic recommendations (if I may say so myself) of some full coverage foundations. Now don’t be playing… these are full coverage and are not for the light-hearted. Equally, come on now don’t be going out with a caked face. Work with these foundations in layers after you have properly primed the skin, and watch the amount of powder you apply. Most importantly, remember to blend the neck  – you don’t need to be a two-toned queen. One tone will do, so make it the right one!!


“I don’t get cute. I get drop dead gorgeous.” – Alyssa Edwards

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