Show Producer and Presentation Manager

I was the Presentation Manager and Show Producer, at Fashion Scout’s London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2020. Over 20 shows, and nearly 35 designers, were shown over the weekend in Bloomsbury’s Victoria House.

This season we had 7 presentations which really challenged our space. I was in charge of choreographing the models, directing the lighting and sound , and coordinating the relevant hair, makeup and production teams. This season we had designers that had inventive visions for our space, and it was transformed into a greenhouse, a catwalk, a park, and a mental hospital. Here are some shots from the presentation space shows:

Wen Pan was as ever phenomenal, and really challenged our space, building a greenhouse in less than four hours from scratch. Everything was recycled and reused, as Wen Pan is always compeltely suistainable, both with the clothes and the set. The walls were strewn with cuts from flowers from a Valentines Day market,and the inside was covered in material Wen will use for her next collection.

Harem decided to build a park inside our space, full with rocks, soil and a whole park bench. The collection was, as ever, fresh, stylish, and modern. In the traditional Harem style, there was wonderful food and hot toddies!

IA London was one of the most unique shows this season and drew in an audience to match. Bringing attention to mental health, and set in a mental hospital, this show had an electric atmosphere. The hair and makeup was extreme, and the clothes were inventive.

Showing two designers this season, this presentation transformed the space into an airport security check. With sleek and structured designs, this presentation really created a fully realised, immersive space.

Agne chose to make the presentation space into a runway, with a photoshoot in the centre of it. The clothes were fun and energetic, and it felt like a proper catwalk.

Hana Cha, a sculptor and a designer, had fashion imitating her art, with amazing headpieces and dresses that match her sculptures. She also did some live drawing on the back wall, adding to the artistic grounding of the space.

Isabel Manns returned for a second season with us, sticking with the podium theme, but this time covering them in some of her artwork. Her dresses were reversable and in her constant efforts to be environentally sustainable, every patch of fabric is used, having almost no cut offs for the whole collection.

A phenomenal weekend that saw me personally managing and producing over 7 presentations, and a couple of catwalks alongside that – another very successful season!

Photography – Own