Costumiere and Makeup Artist

Shakespeare’s Globe – Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, Yvonne Arnaud Theatre- The Mill Studio, The Dell, Hatfield House, Magdalen Gardens – 2017

I was the Costumiere and Makeup artist for this touring production of As You Like It, where we chose to stay true to Shakespeare’s period. My costuming demanded over 28 period costumes that needed constant upkeep and repair over the three months of the show. Each piece was chosen from the vast RSC Costume store to suit each actor, most of whom were playing at least two characters. With quick corseted costume changes demanded backstage for the gender-bending transfomration through the play, and dramatic torture makeup, this was a complicated task as I chose to be the sole costumiere on the production.

Director- Christopher White
Photography – Sam Wanamker Playhouse: Cesare Di Giglio

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