Vice President and Secretary

University College – 2018 

The Ball, with its budget of around 90k, over 1000 attendees, and with over 50 subsidary companies hired, was an event that took over a year of constant planning. With our committee of just eight, we coordinated with the council, senior members of colleges, food vendors, performers, and a production company to bring this event together. I was in charge of coordinating the over 1000 lights we had at the ball with the production company, designing the changing lights over the course of the night, the Gobos, and the choreography of lights moving over our ancient college. Entertainment ranged from full on bands, a drag show, a silent disco, and even dodgems. Food ranged from gyoza, to pizza to crumble, and there were unlimited drinks throughout the night. The night was a roaring success, and as a committee we just about survived…

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