Associate Producer, Costumiere and Makeup Artist

The Michael Pilch Studio – 2017

Abi Morgan’s play, based on the T. S Eliot poem, tracks the life of the same couple in two time periods, the late 70s and the modern day. This immeditely brought challenges to the costuming with two periods represented on the stage simultaneously. Much more challenging however was to convince  the audience they were seeing the same couple on stage, just a half century apart. The play was also full of movement, so the costumes had to allow for freedom while still being age representative, a challenge particularly for the older couple. The makeup was incredibly extensive, with full prosthetic makeup necessary to turn two 21 year olds into an aged couple. Taking over one and a half hours to complete, the whole process was very extensive but brought the production into reality.

Director and Photographer – Luke Wintour

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