Producer and Makeup Artist

Keble O’Reilly Theatre – 2018

Oxford’s first all BAME show, we had a cast and crew of over 40 POCs for this adaptation of Medea. A play with a history of being performed by minorities and in diaspora, all credits have to go to Francesca Amewudah-Rivers for adapting the script and the music so innovatively. The whole play centred around the diversity of all of its members, each person’s individual cultural experience allowed to shine through. From newly-written spoken word about Windrush, to Indian dance, to my makeup inspired by the Art of Ori mixed with Henna, the show was an explosion of culture. We sold out the 800 tickets of the show before opening night, and the show attracted national media and celebrity attention. I was the producer of the show, facilitating the set (over 20 trees on stage), the work of 40 members, and the aesthetics of the show. I was also the makeup artist for the show, completing a two-hour full body makeup with two other artists before every show. This was my proudest and most powerful production in Oxford.

Director – Francesca Amewudah-Rivers
Photography – Ebubechi Okpalugo

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