Presentation Manager and Backstage Manager

I was the Presentation Manager, and a Backstage Manager, at Fashion Scout’s London Fashion Week SS20. Over 25 shows, and nearly 40 designers, were shown over the weekend in Bloomsbury’s Victoria House.

I managed all 5 of the presentations, choreographing the models, assisting the designer in transforming the space into their own creative vision, directing the lighting and sound designers, and coordinating the relevant hair, makeup and production teams. Here are some shots from the presentation space shows:

I also backstage managed numerous shows, and either alone or with other backstage managers. I was the lead backstage manager for: Malan Breton, Wen Pan, Thisnorthat, and Seven Continents. This was done in tandem with my managing the presentation space and those designers also. Malan Breton was a massive show with over 60 looks, Wen Pan was the Merit Award winner, and Seven Continents showed 4 designers and 60 looks in their catwalk. I coordinated the models, hair and makeup teams, the catwalk managers, and also assisted the show producer in rehearsals and lineup for all of these shows. I also coordinated the dressers for the quick changes during the shows, some of which saw models changing into 5 different outfits.

I also assisted backstage at numerous other shows during the weekend, most notably the Pam Hogg show, the show at Fashion Scout that was officially ‘on-schedule’. I also assisted the Swedish School of Textiles, and our final show of the season, Tran Hung.

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